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Стихи, которые я писала где-то лет в 14-15.
Любимые слова: mere и beyond. Я явно слишком много читала ВК в оригинале.
И слишком любила английский.
А так одиночество, депрессняк - типичные подростковые стихи.
Рифма особенно хороша :-D

They said I shouldn’t have dreams
And told me to live real life
With this they just broke my wings
And now I can’t even fly

Some day I’ll heal my wounds
And dash to the sky once more
But I’ll be certainly found
And locked beyond the same door

They can’t understand my worries
I just want to be free for once
That’s why I imagine the stories
To give myself a mere chance

A chance to express my feelings
And tell everyone who am I
Just help me to shun the falling
Unless I will certainly die
Release me from this cell
I want to run away
Farther than one can tell
Beyond the dying day

The things I never knew
Will help me to survive
The places I’ll go through
Will make me feel alive

Just help me to escape
From routine of this world
Or do you think my fate
To live where I’m told?

In world that’s real fiction
That’s full of fake friends
Who can’t even keep tradition
Of mere holding hands

They won’t help in trouble
When you really need them to
Our world is just a fable
But my loneliness is true

The tears falling down
Which I can hold no more
They’ll surely make you frown
But only if you’re too sore

For others I’m just a shadow
Without feelings and senses
But my dreams are like a rainbow
Full of colourful fancies

I’ve never met a person
Who can share my fears
It’s like I have a label “Caution”
And that’s why receive so many leers

Everyone can see that I’m different
But the truth is I’m a simple girl
Who just wants to have a real friend
Not to be alone in this strange world

Некоторые ошибки не стала исправлять, а то рифма вообще пропадет.

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