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As an example he brings up a scene in which Bilbo must conceal the fact that he has pocketed the Arkenstone - a precious gem found during the raid on the Lonely Mountain that the hobbit is planning to use as leverage for a peace deal between the dwarves and the devastated residents of Lake-town - from the dwarf Bofur (played by James Nesbitt).

"Bofur intimates that, ‘I know you want to leave us because we’re having a fucking great battle tomorrow. So if you want to slip away, I won’t tell anybody.’ But he doesn’t know that Bilbo’s got the Arkenstone and Bilbo is going to slip away, but not out of cowardice but because he wants to go and negotiate a peace between the [dwarves and the residents of Lake-town]," says Freeman.

And let me just sit in the corner and wait for the extended edition.

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